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    Dog silhouettes    
    This one contains 2 complete fonts of dog silhouettes.  It contains all of the AKC recognized breeds, a couple of mutts, and several designer dogs.  A small sampling is shown below.  You can make decals for your car, create scrapbook pages for yourself or cards for the dog lovers in your life.  With 2 complete fonts, you will have access to nearly 100 images.  Please download the cheat sheet - you will want it!


Here is the link to the sample file


Dog Silhouette Fonts (2)

recommended donation for both full dog silhouette dingbat fonts - $10

(click here for dog silhouettes fonts only)


Please note - although your reply e-mail should be instantly generated, it can take up to several hours for you to receive or it could be blocked as spam by your mail provider.  Should you not receive your access information, you may e-mail contactus@scentials.com.


Thank you!





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