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    Boxes Font    
    The completed boxes are pictured below.  There were too many to include in one pic.  Each photo contains different boxes (so you can see you get quite a few!).  All are included on the font.  A sample of 4 boxes can be downloaded here.

A cheat sheet pdf of the full font including close-ups of each included box) can be downloaded here.  If you have problems viewing or downloading pdf documents, the Word version is here.



Boxes - a complete font of unique boxes, bags, and tags.

recommended donation for full boxes dingbat font - $10

(Click here for Box font only)


Please note - although your reply e-mail should be instantly generated, it can take up to several hours for you to receive or it could be blocked as spam by your mail provider.  Should you not receive your access information, you may e-mail contactus@scentials.com.

Thank you!




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